How To Choose The Right Lingerie For Your Outfit

November 5, 2014
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Sometimes the hardest part of getting up in the morning is deciding what lingerie is going to complement your mood and outfit. Whether it is a casual white tee or a silky blouse the right bra and brief combination can completely change how you feel and look. Shape, size and fit of your underwear can transform any outfit from drab to fab.

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Keeping skin tone in mind

There are a range of colours that we can be drawn to, but they don’t always work with our skin tone. It’s important to select colours that accentuate our positives, rather than detract. For instance, if your skin tone is porcelain selecting colours such as red, navy blue and deep pinks help to complement the skin. Whereas, skin tones that are more bronzed suit, creams and peaches.

Investing in comfortable basics

In our day-to-day lives, having some comfortable support is something we can count on. Investing in a basic bra in either black, white or skin tone, is a great asset to have for any wardrobe. Having a couple of options and simple cuts that work with different tops and dresses makes the mad dash out the door for work, or your event, that little less stressful.

Mixing and matching colour

Lingerie is something to have fun with and experiment. There is no rule to say you can’t experiment with your colour options and have red, pink, blue and green in there. Printed lingerie is also a good way to mix things up if you’re more inclined to go for a pop of colour too. The space between your torso breaks up the colours so you can feel free to mix and match. One key thing to remember with colour is to make sure whether it can be seen through your outfit. The last thing you want is your bright red bra strap taking the limelight from your outfit.

Shapes to accentuate your outfit

Lingerie isn’t just another item to add underneath your clothing, it’s helpful in gaining the desired shape you are after for your overall outfit look. For instance, sweetheart necklines call for a push up bra and body conscious dresses can be improved by having underwear that holds us in more tightly.

Buying tips while in store

Personal preference plays a huge factor in deciding what to wear, ultimately the decision comes down to you and how the lingerie makes you feel; sexy, happy, cool calm and comfortable. Get to know yourself and remember only you know what feels comfortable. Most of us won’t be comfortable in wearing under garments that don’t fit right or suit us, so pick something that you know you won’t be adjusting all day.

This article is courtesy of select lingerie retailers, Bendon and Simone Perele, at Uni Hill Factory Outlets in Melbourne. For more information visit www.uhfo.com.au or follow on Facebook.com/UniHillFO and Instagram @UniHillFO

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