Choosing The Best Hair Colour For Your Face

November 27, 2012

When it comes to hair, the shape of your face isn’t only important for the cut and style – but for colour as well. Choosing the perfect colour has more impact on face shape than you may think and finding the most flattering hair colour for your features can often be overlooked. Nice’n Easy Expert Colourist Belinda Jeffrey’s colour guide shows you that bringing out your features has never been easier.

“When deciding which colour route to take, face shapes can be split up into the three main categories below,” says Belinda. “By following this guide, you’ll be unveiling radiant hair, and unflattering shades will be a thing of the past.”

Wide Face

Belinda recommends that those with wider face shapes and larger features should stick to lighter colours with tonal highlights and variation, which will slim the face. Avoid a single flat hair colour, which can widen the face, drawing unwanted attention to certain facial features. For creamy skin tones, golden, honey and biscuit blonde colours look great. More subtle versions of these shades also suit olive and golden skin tones, and can be incorporated as highlights for brunettes looking for a seasonal change without being too light.

Try Nice’n Easy 98 Extra Natural Light Blonde for a blondes, and Nice’n Easy ColourBlend Foam in 6.5G Lightest Golden Brown for brunettes.

Long Face

To soften a long face, weaving different shades of colour through the hair will help create more roundness. In addition, creating layers in the hair and breaking up the length will reduce the elongated look, balancing the face. Belinda says: “One long length of hair will draw the face down, further elongating features. For blondes, a mixture of creamy blonde, caramel and golden brown will counter this, brightening the face and skin tone and allowing features to shine. For those with darker skin tones and hair, try adding dimension with some natural lighter brown highlights.”

For a multidimensional blonde try Nice’n Easy ColourBlend Foam in 9 Light Blonde, and Nice’n Easy 117 Natural Medium Golden Brown for darker shades.

Small Face

Small features and squarer face shapes can get away with wearing one solid, glossy colour, more so than wider or longer face shapes. Try a rich shade of black, a dark chestnut or even platinum blonde. Smaller features can also wear hair that is all one length, and when paired with a colour such as Nice’n Easy 113 Natural Burgundy, the current geometric trends in hair shapes can look particularly sleek.

Tips for maintaining colour at home

* Choose a shade two steps lighter or darker than your natural colour

* Use Nice’n Easy Root Touch Up to cover greys and regrowth

* The Nice’n Easy Gloss Treatment is great for locking in colour and maintaining shine

What’s your favourite hair colour?

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