Chris Brown has abused Rihanna before

August 27, 2009

Chris Brown is a repeat offender but will Rihanna stand by him? Get the latest gossip on this Hollywood pair.

Chris Brown may have been sentenced to five years probation and six months community labour early in the week but it turns out this is not his first offence!

According to a report filed by a probation officer for Brown’s sentencing the singer was involved in two other, unreported incidents “related to domestic violence” prior to the February beating.

Three months before the February incident, Brown and Rihanna had a “verbal dispute” in Europe that escalated into physical violence, with Rihanna slapping Brown and Brown responding by shoving Rihanna into a wall.

Then a few weeks later Brown reportedly broke the driver’s and front passenger’s windows of a Range Rover after a fight with Rihanna. Scary!

Thank goodness Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg ordered Brown to stay at least 100 yards from Rihanna for the next five years. But why should a judge be the one to have to make them stay apart?

From all reports the two are keen to get back together (the judge even mentioned this in her sentencing and said it was one of the reasons for her decision). If only Rihanna would take a stance and condemn Brown’s actions then maybe women all over the world in similar situations would be able to take some confidence from it.

The same goes for the women who have been abused by rugby players in Australia. When will someone stand up and say, “It’s not okay”?

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