Chris Brown probation fair or not?

June 23, 2009

Chris Brown and Rihanna scandal wrap up

It has been the celebrity scandal of 2009. Back in February Chris Brown was charged with hitting his superstar girlfriend in the face after a fight in the car over a text message. Both canceled their scheduled MTV awards appearances and Chris turned himself into police after Rihanna wound up in hospital with a badly bruised face.

After appearing in court over the last few days the saga has finally come to an end with Chris copping a plea. His punishment? 180 days probation in Virginia and five years probation for pleading guilty to federal assault. He must also enroll in a domestic violence counseling program and must stay away from Rihanna for five years. If he violates probation, he could go to jail for four years.

So, as a wrap up, Chris Brown won’t be spending any time in jail, just some hard labour for a few weeks. The criminal conviction does hurt his music career as it can make international travel hard, if not impossible.

But what do you think? Was the penalty fair or not harsh enough? And do you think he’s been treated like any other normal person?

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