Chris Brown Threatens Tour Manager, Makes Her Fear For Her Safety

June 27, 2016

How much can he get away with?

Chris Brown just can’t seem to get it together. In yet another assault claim, his now ex-tour manager, Nancy Ghosh, has revealed she feared for her safety after Brown allegedly cornered and threatened her on his tour bus last month.

During an argument over employment terms, the singer reportedly got verbally abusive towards Ghosh, who sent an email to Brown’s team the day after explaining she left the tour bus as she feared for her safety due to the fact Brown was ‘irrational and high on drugs.’

Ghosh also revealed Brown threatened he would do to her “what he did to Mike G”, an ex-manager who was reportedly brutally attacked by the singer earlier this year and has now sued for damages.

Brown and Ghosh last week (PA Images).
Brown and Ghosh during a recent tour. (PA Images).

These latest allegations come just days after reports of Brown beating up a fan in Cannes, and a lawsuit against the star by rapper Marion Knight, who was shot at a party hosted by the 27 year-old at a night club back in 2014. Knight argues Brown did not provide adequate security, which allowed armed guests at the party.

As someone who enjoys Chris Brown’s music, it’s disappointing to know the singer is clearly still a self-righteous bully who thinks he has the right to threaten, emotionally abuse and physically assault people whenever he pleases; a toxic attitude no amount of redemption documentaries is likely to make any of us forget about.

Who could forget his infamous 2009 assault that left then-girlfriend Rihanna beaten up black and blue? Brown was sentenced to a five-year probation and six months of community service and promised it would never happen again in an attempt to save his reputation, but I think it’s pretty clear that talented singer or not, perpetrators of domestic violence can’t be trusted.

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