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Chrissy Teigen Shows The World She’s A Lady

Chrissy Teigen Shows The World She’s A Lady

The woman knows how to handle a wardrobe malfunction.

When Chrissy Teigen showed up to the American Music Awards on Sunday wearing a stunning black gown with slits up to her ribcage, jaws dropped.

But they dropped even further when a stray breeze proved no match for the gold safety pins holding her dress together, leaving nothing to the red carpet crowd’s imagination.

Twitter lit up with reactions to Teigen’s revealing dress and her wardrobe malfunction.

But Teigen took the whole thing in stride. When a Twitter user asked her “what happened to being a lady,” she clapped back like a boss – as she’s done many times before.

She followed up with a “formal apology,” saying the incident was over, and that she couldn’t take it back. 

Before the show, she’d given a hint that she’d be showing some major skin, tweeting about what was involved in getting ready to wear her Yousef Akbar-designed gown.

On Instagram, Teigen was sure to thank her laser hair removal salon, along with her hairstylist, makeup artist, and the rest of her team. She also apologized “to anyone harmed mentally or physically by my hooha.”

Never change, Chrissy.

Images via Tinseltown /, Twitter, and Instagram.

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