Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Turned Their Backyard Into A Petting Zoo For Baby Luna

March 15, 2017

If this doesn’t melt your cold, hard heart, nothing will.

As if Chrissy Teigen and John Legend weren’t already cute enough (here are 22 times they were totally #couplegoals), yesterday they turned their backyard into a petting zoo for their daughter, 11 month-old Luna.

In a series of photos and videos posted on Instagram, Teigen looked like she was having just as much fun as Luna (possibly more), captioning a video of herself cuddling a baby pig, “Dreams do come true.”

In another video, Luna pets a bunny, while Tiegen asks, “are you pooping right now?” and Legend laughs in the background. And if that’s not enough, baby Luna and her mom wore matching mother-daughter overalls. Can you even?

The ‘petting zoo party,’ as Legend dubbed it, included a pony ride for little Luna, a turkey, lots of chickens, and a baby goat or two. Here are the highlights, courtesy of Instagram…

Luna pets a bunny (possibly while pooping):

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Luna and mom sport matching overalls:

Mother and child, looking dreamy:

Petting zoo party

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(Baby) hog heaven:

Dreams come true

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All images via Instagram.

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