Christmas Beauty Wish List

December 14, 2004

Christmas Beauty Wish List

It?s that time of year again. We spend countless hours trawling through the shops buying for others when all along we really wish we were shopping for ourselves! Hopefully we might wake up on Christmas morning to some surprises… but does your man/parents/best mate know what you want? Here?s some of this season’s greatest beauty buys to put on your Christmas wishlist and to email that person who needs to know!

Bayonelle Professional 12 Piece Brush Set
If you take the same care when putting on your makeup as an artist would when creating a masterpiece, then this is the gift for you! The set contains almost every brush you need for applying makeup and folds out to an impressive set. The brushes are made of animal hair and make the application soft and even – far better than acrylic brushes. The set would benefit by a brief instruction guide as to the use of all the brushes for the uninitiated. As the brushes are animal hair, they are fumigated on entry to the country. The smell is quite pungent although it dissipates reasonably quickly. It is recommended that the brushes are washed before using although this is not noted on the packaging.

Glamourflage products
These are so cute that all your friends will want one! Glamourflage products are described as Mills and Boon meeting Sex and the City and you can see why! Each product comes in gorgeous tin packaging with a different character on the outside. Choose the Lotus Lily Lip Balm, Molly Minx Glitter Gel, Mia Sublime Face Mask or even Scarlett Divine Bath Dust. They even have personalities and body types. Vera Vamp has the shapely legs, is a die-hard fan of Mills and Boon and harbours secret desires to be a classical musician. Lotus Lily swears, sleeps naked and likes Star Wars apparently! If you can get past the cool packaging, you?ll find the products are great too and will look brilliant in the bathroom!

Delicious bath products from Urban Rituelle
If you like your bathing to be a sensory experience, you can?t go past Urban Rituelle?s new lifestyle products. There are six new combinations – Coconut & Kukui (Rich Chocolate Brown), Green Tea & Bamboo (Olive Green), Redcurrant & Cranberry (Berry Red), Ginger & Mango (Golden Mustard), Honeydew & Kiwi (Aqua Blue), White Orchid & Lotus (Pure White). All Urban Rituelle?s products moisturise the skin without that terrible greasy feeling that many fragrant products have. Their range includes a body balm, bath gel and our fave ? a body essence (spray) which is the perfect way to wake you up on a hot day!
Body Balm RRP $19.95, Body Essence RRP $14.95, Bath Gel RRP $17.50.
Stockist number is (02) 9531 1244

Britney Spears Curious
Who couldn?t be curious after the Britney Spears? advertising campaign of recent months? This scent is actually really nice ? quite light but sweet enough to wear during the day. The top notes contain the Lousiana magnolia (a tribute to her home state) as well as hints of Anjou pear and lotus flower. There is also rich floral flavours of jasmine and a vanilla musk scent infused throughout. The packaging reflects her favourite colours ? pink and blue!
RRP $79 for 50ml from MYER

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