Classic Bridal Makeup Ideas

July 11, 2015
Classic Bridal Makeup Ideas

Aside from the dress, deciding on that final makeup look is a difficult choice for all brides. Whether you want something glamourous like Kim Kardashian, traditional like Kate Middleton or a combination of the two, we have paired up with Make Up Store to bring you five key makeup looks for every bride.

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Glossy lips

Big, glossy lips are a must-have since they are so quick and easy to achieve with the power of makeup! Line your lips with a natural liner, defining the curves of your mouth. Use a white liner to create the illusion of depth in the centre of your lips, then lock it in with a lip gloss.

Classic Bridal Makeup IdeasLip Gloss Champagne

Natural eyeshadow

For the eyes, go for a natural look which will photograph beautifully and never go out of style. To start off, remember to prime your eyelids (especially if they’re on the oily side), then layer the eyeshadow with a flat-brush. Define the crease with a slightly darker shade, then take a champagne shade to illuminate the inner corner.

Classic Bridal Makeup Ideas

Microshadow Trio Champagne

Shimmery eyeshadow

To make any eye colour pop, use a shimmery shade which is so easy and effortless to apply. You can use it to define your inner corner, apply it directly on the bottom waterline to give the illusion of bigger eyes, or use in-conjunction with a setting spray for a creamy finish.

Classic Bridal Makeup Ideas

Microshadow in Champagne

Matte lips

For perfectly matte lips, a pink shade is flattering for photos and suits all skin tones. Moisturise your lips beforehand to remove any excess skin, then follow-up with a lip liner the same shade as your lips. Once that is complete, apply the lipstick with a lip brush and dab off the excess. To mattify this look for photos, apply a tissue over the lips and seal with a translucent powder.

Classic Bridal Makeup IdeasLipstick Champagne

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