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Cleanse Off 1! The budget buys…

Cleanse Off 1! The budget buys…

Cleanse Off 1! The budget buys…

Nivea Visage Gentle Cleansing Gel
If you like a cleanser that is pretty much does the job with not much froth and bubble then this may be the cleanser for you. With very little scent, not much of lather this trouble free cleanser leaves your skin feeling light and fresh and very clean. Happy to use this cleanser twice a day as it does feel very ?gentle? on your skin as its name suggests.
Value for money at RRP $7.95.

Nivea Visage ? Gentle Cleansing Cream
This is for chicks that prefer a cream cleanser rather than gel based ones. With tiny moisturising microbeads (pink so you can actually see them!) this cleanser is great for removing dirt, makeup and any excess oil or skin impurities and moisturizers as well as cleanses at the same time ? great for busy chicks! This cleanser also smells divine as it contains Aloe Vera and Chamomile giving it a really fresh yet not overpowering scent.
Great if you are a cream cleanser fan! RRP $8.95

Witch Foaming Face Wash
This is one of those great packs that foams up for you when you press the pump. The froth is light, fluffy and feels divine on the skin. Witch Hazel is well known as a concentrated astringent perfect for cleaning away excess oil and dirt. Although it doesn?t remove makeup as well as some other cleansers, it does leave the skin feeling revitalised and fresh.
Totally refreshing at RRP $9.10

Neutrogena Deep Clean ? Facial Cleanser
This one smells lovely and foams up quite nicely and leaves your skin feeling clean and clear. Great for keeping in the shower to use as pump bottle is easy to use (even with wet, slippery hands) and the plastic bottle wont break if you do drop it. Good for use every day as it too feels very gentle on your skin, even if you have sensitive skin as it is oil-free, alcohol-free and tested by dematologists.
Great value for money at RRP $10.95

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