Cleanse off 2! Luxury foaming cleansers…

August 24, 2004

Cleanse off 2! Luxury foaming cleansers…

Heritage Healers Tantra Cleansing Foam
This is a gorgeous smelling cleanser that can be used in the shower or added to the bath. It is a refreshing foaming gel that contains the desert blooms of Ursinia, Star and Bethlehem and White Spider Orchid. No wonder it smells so good! Plus, extracts of geramium, sage and cucumber help to moisturise, cleanse and regulate the natural oils in the skin.
With its glass packaging, it even looks like you?re pampering yourself, at RRP $36.00 for 200 ml.

Elizabeth Arden Calming Foamy Cleanser for sensitive skin
This is a mild foamy cleanser that is perfect for delicate skin. The formula doesn?t contain any preservatives, (a welcome relief for those who realise preservatives generally cause problems for sensitive skin). It also contains botanicals such as licorice, honeysuckly and zizyphus jujuba extracts as well as a deep ocean organism called Abyssine that helps shield the skin again irritating environmental factors.
RRP $38 for 200ml

Clarins Foaming Cleanser
OK you so only get what you pay for in this life and this cleanser is one of those things. It might be substantially more expensive than the other budget cleansers at RRP of $30 but this product is worth every cent. It does leave your skin feeling fresher, cleaner and more radiant if that is possible. The scent is also gorgeous and make you want to cleanse 3 times a day which of course we should all do, if we had unlimited time to spend on our beauty regime. Beware though this product does sting a little if you get it in your eyes.
Feels, looks and smells great! RRP $38 for 125ml

Academie Hyposensible Mousse Demaquillante Cleansing Foam
This cleansing foam was more effective in longevity than some other products used, that is your skin feels very clean and smooth for a longer period of time. Most people?s skin changes with the weather at this time of the year, but this cleanser is perfect for making dry, weathered skin feel fresh and relaxed!
Perfect for winter RRP $41 for 150ml

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel
This soap free cleansing gel foams up very well into a lather but despite all the yummy ingredients like Mint and Lavender it is actually fragrance free, disappointing those of that love a gorgeous smelling cleanser. The anti-inflammatoary Balm and Lavender extracts does leave your skin feeling clean and healthy. Great for a good cleanse to get the world?s grim and dirt off your face after a busy day!
Bit pricey but worth it if you like a good lathery cleanse to make your face feel really sqeaky clean! RRP $46.00 for 237ml

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Facial Cleanser
It promises a ?perfectly clean? face, and this is one facial cleanser that certainly delivers. The creamy formula washes away dirt, oil and makeup in one wash, leaving the skin feel smooth, toned and refreshed. The white water lily provides a moisturizing and toning effect, while the Senega softens and the Berberry cleans deeply. It doesn?t dry your face out like some cleansers can.
If you?ve got the cash and you don?t want to be disappointed, try this one out. RRP $49 for 125ml

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