We Found Cleansers That ACTUALLY Remove Makeup

August 3, 2016

Finally – products that do what they’re supposed to.

We all know you have to remove your makeup before going to bed or face the negative effects of acne, skin lines, premature ageing and irritated eyes, to name a few. With all the different ways makeup can affect the skin, having a good cleanser that washes away all of your makeup is super important.

There are so many products on the market and they all claim to have the ability to leave us fresh-faced and feeling fabulous. Cleansers tend to be quite pricey, and no one wants to break the bank buying and trying numerous products until they find the one that actually works – so we did it for you.

Yep, we tried more than 20 cleansers, ranging from cheap drugstore products to high-end beauty brands. These ones were our faves – and we promise they actually work.

Style and beauty editor Nadine: SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil


I usually use makeup remover before cleansing my face, but this product makes the former unnecessary. It’s like a blend of oily remover and watery cleanser with a really subtle fragrance. I applied it on dry skin before washing it off with a bit of water. While I had to use it twice to remove every last bit of makeup, I loved that it left my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated.

Intern Kassi: Alpha-H Liquid Laser Cleansing Oil


This product was awesome. It did a great job removing my makeup and even got rid of most of my eye makeup, which no other product has ever done. It smells amazing and left my skin feeling really soft. And I didn’t end up red and blotchy. I love it, and all my housemates do too.

Visual designer Jaana: Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser


This was the only cleanser I tried that actually cleansed my face and got rid of all my makeup – and it didn’t leave any residue, which was a bonus. It left my skin feeling clean and soft and it smelt really good. It was the cheapest product I tried but it worked the best, so I have no complaints.

Tech manager Kerri: Indermica Clarifying Foaming Wash


The things I loved most about this cleanser? I only needed a small amount to completely take away all the makeup and dirt from the day. No panda eyes = happy days! Plus, I noticed I had clearer skin after just a few washes.

Visual designer Gizem: Payot Lait Micellaire Démaquillant 


I liked this product because it didn’t dry out my skin, the process of cleansing with it wasn’t too rough, and it worked really well. I woke up the next day and there were barely any makeup stains on my pillow. The instructions were fairly straightforward and weren’t weird or confusing like other products.

Comment: What’s your fave cleanser?

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