Cocktail For The Weekend: Pacific Mai Tai

February 24, 2012

Who could do with a cocktail right about now? This weekend’s cocktail is almost too easy: it’s already made for you, just get out your favourite cocktail glass, pour and enjoy!

The SheSaid office sampled a range of VnC Cocktails this week and couldn’t wait to tell you about them. Now, you know we love whipping up a weekend cocktail, and we were a little skeptical on what a ready-to-serve cocktail would take like.

We loved them! One of the reasons is because VnC only use 100% fresh fruit juices in the entire range, which includes Vodka Mojitos, Passionfruit Cairprioskas and Banana Daiquiris. Our favourite was the Pacific Mai Tai, which had us daydreaming of a holiday on a remote island complete with swaying palm trees and turquoise waters. The pineapple juice and coconut taste super fresh, with just enough rum to give it a hit.

So, to make these cocktails your own, just pour into a pretty carafe, and add some chopped fresh fruit. Maybe even a cocktail umbrella. Happy weekending!

What’s your favourite fruit cocktail?

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