Cocktail of the week: Vodka Carrie!

June 1, 2010

Glamorous Girl – Carrie

60ml SKYY Vodka
15ml Fresh Lemon Juice
15ml Fresh Lime Juice
15ml Simple Syrup or 1 Tsp. Sugar

Rim a martini glass with Crème de cassis and sugar**. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a martini glass.

Finish the cocktail with a drop of Crème de cassis on top.
*Crème de cassis can be replaced with Chambord.

**To rim the martini glass, first dip rim of glass in a shallow dish filled with Crème de cassis and immediately place rim in another shallow dish with sugar, rotating the glass to ensure the whole rim is covered with sugar.

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