Coffee to go!

October 8, 2002


Espresso (short black) Espresso is a concentrated, full-bodied coffee with a stable layer of cream on top – known as ‘crema. Espresso is the foundation of all café coffees, as you’ll see. Just don’t call it an ex-presso – very uncool… Long Black (Americano) A standard espresso with hot water, served in a regular coffee cup or mug. The hot water should be added first so that the crema is not disturbed. Macchiato Macchiato, Italian for ‘to stain or mark’. Traditionally served as a standard espresso with a dash of milk and a small dollop of froth into the middle of the crema. Flat white Another old favourite, the Flat White is an espresso with steamed milk, served in a regular coffee cup or mug. Caffe Latte An espresso with steamed milk typically served in a glass. A real breakfast favourite in Italy and France, and any time of the

Con Panna

day in Australia. Cappuccino This delicious drink is an espresso with steamed milk, topped with creamy froth and a dusting of chocolate. Caffe Mocha A SheSaid personal favourite. The Caffe Mocha is made in a similar way to a cappuccino but with the addition of drinking chocolate added to the espresso prior to topping with steamed milk and froth – and lots of chocolate on top! Con Panna A variation on the original Vienna coffee, this delicious drink is made up of an espresso topped with lightly whipped cream. It can be dusted with cinnamon or drinking chocolate.

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