Cold Weather Fitness Tips

May 27, 2010

Cold Weather Fitness Tips

As the weather turns cold, we tend to give our own cold shoulder to morning excercise – you know what I’m talking about! Here’s a couple of things to get you hopping, skipping and jogging out of the sack in the wee hours.

3 Ways to get motivated for a morning jog:

1. Cut the time wasting. Pack you gym bag, water bottle and lunch for work the night before. Leave your sneakers at the end of your bed and you have no excuses.

2. Don’t sit your alarm device right next to your head. Pop your phone or clock on a table out of reach, so you’re not tempted to snooze instead of set off for that jog!

3. Team up! You’re more likely to keep that 6.30am date with a mate, and not just with yourself. So find a motivated girlfriend and push each other!

Our top fashion picks:


The brand, FALKE brings us a gorgeous Yoga/Fitness Collection this season (pictured above). Taking on board the idea that “Harmony between body, spirit and soul” is what yoga promises, the new collection has transformed this principle into fashion. Visit for prices, more info and online shopping or visit them at 1023 High St, Armadale, Melbourne VIC.
(03) 9822 1222.

Body Science

Australian sports brand Body Science is making the morning work-out more bearable with its full-length Compression range – featuring a long-sleeved top and full length Compression tights, this gear locks in your body heat to keep you warm whatever the weather, and uses ‘targeted compression’ technology to pump the blood back to your heart quickly and improve your workout intensity. Priced from $109.95 for the top and $139.95 for the tights (pictured below), and is available from Rebel Sport stores throughoutAustralia and online at

FREEDOM range by Cathy Freeman

The only thing we love more than these Freedom by Dunlop Sport runners, is that the price is only $50! These are classy, shiny and all things girly but also offer support, durability and comfort. Visit for more info.

Shesaid Said: Share your motivation tips for keeping an exercise regime.

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