This Color-Changing Glitter Makeup Is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Nadine Dilong

We CAN NOT stop watching these videos.

If you tend to splurge your hard-earned money on unnecessary but beautiful makeup, prepare to burn a massive hole in your credit card, as it doesn’t get much prettier or more impractical than this.

Texas-based beauty brand Chaos Makeup have been teasing us on their Instagram with videos of their latest color-changing makeup lately, and it’s absolutely next-level magical.

And when we say ‘color-changing’, we don’t mean a subtle change from peach to pink like some lipsticks we’ve tried do.

Like ultra-cool mood rings, Chaos Makeup’s glosses change their shades completely, from a light gray to a dark blue, from a dark brown to grass green, and from a deep purple to hot pink – all including glitter that looks like unicorn dust sparkling in every hue of the rainbow.

Whereas most color-changing makeup reacts to body heat, Chaos Makeup is testing several formulas, some of which react with water or light – and we’re super impressed.

While we’re not exactly sure where we could wear these bright shades, we’re dying to get our hands on the so-called ‘Mood Creams’. The makers haven’t revealed a launch date yet, but we’re willing to wait and pass the time watching their magical videos over and over till then…

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