These Color Correcting Products Will Make Your Skin Look Flawless

August 11, 2016

Get one step closer to the skin of your dreams.

This has been the year of makeup techniques: contouring, strobing, sandbagging – I’ve tried them all, and although I never ended up with Kendall Jenner’s cheekbones or Gigi Hadid’s glowing complexion, I still managed to enhance my facial features with the help of various cosmetics.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that all the contouring in the world won’t make a difference if the base isn’t right. In other words, skin needs to look flawless before any other makeup products are applied.

If you’re not blessed with naturally perfect-looking skin and instead have to battle common problems such as redness, dark undereye circles or a dull complexion, a simple foundation won’t do the job. So the first thing you’ll need to do is color-correct, a simple technique using the opposite shades on the color wheel to neutralize imperfections. Green balances red and yellow balances blue, so before applying your foundation, even out your skin tone with these clever color-correcting products.

Smashbox Color Correcting Sticks


How they work: These sticks are perfect for people with small imperfections, as they allow precise spot treatment, and the velvety formula is easy to blend. The four different shades tackle any concern: green reduces redness, purple banishes dullness, and the peach and orange hues hide dark undereye circles and hyperpigmentation.

Stila Correct & Perfect Palette


How it works: This is the holy grail of color correcting, as it offers all the shades you could ever need in one practical palette that fits neatly into any clutch. The five hues at the top correct imperfections, while the yellow and lavender translucent powders mattify for blue-grey skin tones and brighten yellow skin tones respectively.

3CE Stylenanda Back to Baby Makeup Base


How it works: This Korean brand is serious about flawless skin. Its green makeup base not only reduces redness, it also smells divine and includes SPF 30, making it perfect for everyday use.

Marc Jacobs Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector


How it works: Besides the fact it looks super-cute, the marbled hues let you tackle several skin concerns at once. The pink and lilac combo in this one covers dullness and makes skin glow.

Dior Fix It Color 2-In-1 Prime & Color Correct


How it works: If blue or purple undereye circles have been the bane of your existence, ditch your beige concealer and try this bright-yellow one before applying foundation. It can also be used to cancel out blue in lips to create a neutral base for lipstick.

Comment: What’s your fave color-corrector?

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