DIY Hair Colour Guide (Contd)

September 23, 2003

Strand test

If you, like me, prefer to keep the element of a surprise to a minimum when colouring your hair, you should really do a strand test. While you’ve got your allergy test colour mixed up, you might as well do a strand test too. Snip a little hair from an inconspicuous part of the head, eg underneath somewhere, then tape the end with some sticky tape. Apply the colour and check the results after around 20 minute and then at 5 minute intervals. When you are happy with the colour, make a note of the timing so you know how long to leave it on when you’re colouring for real.When to wash

Don’t be tempted to wash your hair the day you intent to colour it – you want day-old dirty hair for optimum colouring results. Wash it the day before, especially if it’s full of styling products, as the residue from these products can give a less than even result.

When to colour

Colouring your hair for a big night out is a girly tradition that dates back to prehistoric time, when our cave-dwelling foremothers used the juice from crushed juju berries to add shine to their hair before a big night out, er, clubbing. But seriously… If you really want a fabulous home-colour job, you should plan to colour your hair a few days before the big night. Why? Well, you need time to do the allergy and strand tests AND you will need time to get used to your new look. You might need to adjust the shade of lipstick you usually wear, you might want to fiddle with the style a bit.

If you feel like a change, why not enter our fabulous Clairol Nice’n Easy hair colour competition? It’s easy…

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