DIY Hair Colour Guide

September 23, 2003

Cindy Crawford,

the new face of Clairol Nice’n Easy

Home hair colouring can be a tricky business. I’m speaking from experience, having turned myself into Ronald MacDonald only hours before a big date. But at-home hair colouring doesn’t always have to end in tears. Follow our guide to foolproof home hair colouring and you too can be a DIY hair colouring goddess! Plan ahead

Most home hair colouring disasters can be avoided by planning ahead. You may have to do an allergy test, even a strand test. This can add up to two days to your at-home hair colouring timeline. There’s things you should and shouldn’t do before you colour, to make sure you get the best possible result – but more on that later.

Read the instructions

Well, duh! Sounds simple, doesn’t it? I know you’re keen to get in there and let the transformation begin, but if you really want to be transformed into a goddess, and not reduced to a red-eyed mess, do me a favour. Read the instructions. All of them. Boring, I know, but necessary if you want to show your face in public any time soon.

The allergy test

Doing an allergy test before you use a new colouring product, or even when you switch brands, is a great idea. Sure it’s a pain to mix up a tiny bit of the colour and smear a little bit on an inconspicuous part of your body, but it’s not nearly as much of a pain as coming out in a blistering red rash all over your face, neck and scalp. Trust me on this. If you are prone to allergies, I’d strongly recommend doing the patch test. If no irritation develops, you are one step closer to being a home-colour goddess.

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