How To Combat High Heel Pain

August 28, 2015
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From the start of time, women have known the perils of wearing a pair of heels. The pain in your toes and the balls of your feet, not to mention the heightened risk of tripping over or rolling an ankle makes heels a little bit dangerous. But as always, girls like a bit of danger and can’t seem to stay away from a bad boy, or in this case, a good looking pair of heels. If anything, we’re more attracted.

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But while in this situation, our heart may be screaming yes when we look in the mirror, out feet are often screaming a huge hell no. Some of the best looking shoes can cause the most pain, but the love and search for the perfect pair of heels will always trump what our feet are saying to us.

This means that we may be suffering from bunions, corns and callouses to even more serious issues like hammertoes. If you’re yet to suffer from any of the above, we doubt you’ve avoided the seriously excruciating pain that comes from blisters that sit in the ball of your foot for days after your long night out.

While doctors give the fair warning about what heels do to your feet, they know women love a good stiletto and so add pre-cautions like picking up on foot issues early and treating problems early on. After all, a little high heel pain never deterred a girl, did it?

Snapping up products like extra gel cushioning for the ball of your foot and the back of your ankle can often help to counteract pain caused from heels, but that also comes down to ensuring that you are buying the right size and shape heel for your foot. Prolonged heel wearing can also shorten the achilles tendon, which is definitely not good, so you should always make sure to stretch out the calves and ankles.

Open toe heels are also recommended over closed toe heels as they can relieve pressure on corns and callouses that are affecting the feet. If that’s not a reason to grab yourself a pedicure every fortnight, I don’t know what is!

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