Comforts While It Works

August 3, 2005

Comforts While It Works

What is thrush?
Thrush is the common name given to a vaginal yeast infection that occurs when the normal pH balance of the vagina changes. Hormonal changes such as pregnancy and the onset of menstruation are some common reasons for the pH balance to change.

What are the symptoms?
Vaginal yeast infection symptoms include vaginal itching, thick, white and lumpy discharge, burning or irritated sensations, rash or redness around the vulva, burning while urinating and painful vaginal intercourse. If it?s your first yeast infection, make sure you see a doctor to rule out any other vaginal conditions.

How do you get rid of thrush?
There are various thrush treatments available, including topical creams, pessaries and oral tablets. They also vary in the length of time taken to treat the infection. For 25 years MONISTAT? (Miconazole Nitrate) has been providing relief to women suffering thrush. Recently the makers of MONISTAT products developed MONISTAT?1, the only brand to use a soft gel OVULE? pessary to treat thrush comfortably and effectively.

What?s the difference between MONISTAT1 and other thrush treatments?
There are two types of treatment ? topical and oral. Oral treatments need to be digested and absorbed before reaching the site of infection therefore relief can sometimes take hours. MONISTAT 1, however, uses two separate but complementary products to ensure both internal and external symptoms are treated comfortably and effectively. Firstly, MONISTAT1 has a unique soft gel OVULE pessary that is designed for easy insertion into the vagina. It is specially formulated to stick to the vagina walls to work at the site of the infection. The convenient one-dose treatment also comes with a tube of cream for immediate relief of external symptoms. It is as effective as multi-dose treatments 1,2, so you can be confident that your thrush is being treated comfortably and effectively.
If symptoms persist, seek medical advice. For further information about this simple, one-dose treatment of thrush, speak to your local pharmacist.

MONISTAT?, MONISTAT? 1 and OVULE? are registered trademarks of Johnson & Johnson.

Pharmacist Only Medicine. Your pharmacist will advise whether this preparation is suitable for you. If symptoms do not improve after three days, see your doctor. Always read the label. Use only as directed. Active ingredient Miconazole Nitrate.
Johnson & Johnson Pacific. Level 3, 1 Bay Street, Broadway NSW 2007. PO504

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