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Comparing their manhood – Colin and Ewan

Comparing their manhood – Colin and Ewan

Comparing their manhood – Colin and Ewan

Nothing to write home about apparently
Yes we do mean that! Colin Farrell has been shocked by the amount of attention his penis has received in the upcoming movie A Home At The End Of The World, particularly as he?s been informed his is much smaller than Ewan McGregor?s. Colin?s full-frontal nude shot was recently pulled from the film after test audiences found it to be too distracting. But not long ago, Ewan flashed his manhood in Young Adam, and is worth seeing according to reports. Farrell agrees with his movie bosses? decision to cut his nude clip, explaining that he didn?t think it was needed. ?I think it was smart to cut it out. Now with all the f***in’ press, it seems like a marketing ploy because (people) will go to see what they’re not going to see.” It?s true, but they could just see it all in Young Adam!

Halle Berry?s manly stunt double
Who would have thought – Catwoman isn?t a woman at all, but is in fact a man. Halle Berry?s stunts were performed by a Hawaiian born Nito Larioza. According to News of the World, the martial arts expert donned red lipstick and a catsuit for the role. His height and skin colour are the same as Halle?s, and the 29-year-old says “The scenes are shot so fast you can’t tell.? “But a lot of boys feasting their eyes on Halle’s sexy costume are gonna flip when they realise they got steamy about a bloke in a girl’s costume.”

Joining the unemployed actors list
CSI stars sacked
CSI stars George Eads and Jorja Fox have been fired by their network CBS. The pair failed to turn up to work because of salary squabbles. Co-president Les Moonves told TV critics, “A deal’s a deal. There were certain veiled threats about their not showing up, and there comes a point where we all have to look out for the future of the network television business. This behavior has to stop.” According to Moonves, their seven year contract was previously re-negotiated after their second year, stating a raise was to be awarded at the beginning of the upcoming fifth season. But the pair, better known as investigators Nick Stokes and Sara Sidle, were hoping for an even bigger increase to the $100,000 they receive per episode. It seems sometimes you just should take the money and run…

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