Cool Mum 101: How To Not Embarrass Your Kids

January 18, 2013

Are you constantly making your kids cringe? Won’t return your friend requests on Facebook? To celebrate the release of The Guilt Trip on 24 January, we’ve got 5 ways to get back into their good books and become ‘cool mum’ again…

1. Don’t show old photos showing them, or their friends, how cute they were when they were young or the funny ‘bowl cut’ that they used to have.

2. Don’t tell embarrassing stories about them in front of their peers – keep it to yourself that they wet themselves in the middle of a school trip and you had to come and collect them with a spare pair of undies when they were nine.

3. Don’t do PDAs! When you meet them at the airport and you spot them in arrivals, avoid shouting their name and showering them with kisses. It’s just not cool.

4. If your friends are round, don’t call your child into the room to introduce them and make a spectacle of them, trying to explain what it is they do for a living when you don’t really understand yourself!

5. Don’t add your child as a friend on Facebook and leave notes of motherly affection on their wall or comment on their photos for all to see. They really won’t thank you for it.

Watch The Guilt Trip trailer here – in cinemas 24 January, 2013!

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