How To Cope With Morning Sickness

July 19, 2014
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You used to love chicken but now when you get a whiff of its scent your stomach starts to turn and your mouth begins to water before you drop your fork and sprint for the bathroom. Sound familiar? Welcome to the wonderful stage of morning sickness

Over half of all pregnant women experience some form of morning sickness, whether it is just nausea or they are physically sick.  It can rear its head at any stage during pregnancy although it is more prevalent early on. Also, the term ‘morning’ sickness is fairly deceiving because it can strike at any time of the day, when you least expect it.

Finding something that will ease morning sickness is different for everyone. While something may work for one person, it may not work for another, so your best bet is trial and error. So here are some suggestions for helping to ease morning sickness. 

  • Ginger in any form can be a great relief from nausea.  Try grating fresh ginger into hot water to make a ginger tea, or try nibbling on a ginger biscuit.
  • Certain smells can often help to ease morning sickness.  Lemon and rosemary are the most helpful scents.
  • Visit a health store or consult a pharmacist about which herbs and spices can battle nausea.  The most well-known are aniseed and peppermint which you can normally purchase in tablet form.
  • Quite often morning sickness rears its head if you haven’t eaten so try to ensure you always have something on hand to snack on.  Eating bland foods such as crackers or plain biscuits regularly throughout the day can help to combat the nausea.
  • Many mums-to-be consider acupressure bands for morning sickness which are worn around the wrist.  The bands have a nodule which presses gently into your pressure points and relieves the feeling of nausea.
  • A lot of pregnant women say boiled lollies are helpful with morning sickness. They can also help to boost your low sugar levels which can be the trigger for nausea.
  • Avoid eating fatty or spicy foods which can sometimes be a trigger for nausea.
  • Get outside and go for a walk. Fresh air combined with some light exercise has been found to improve morning sickness symptoms.
  • Keeping hydrated is a great way to prevent nausea. Water is the best option but if you can’t stomach that consider flat lemonade or a fruity ice block.
  • Restrictive or tight clothing may exacerbate your morning sickness so try wearing loose fitting clothes.

If you find that nothing is helping to ease your morning sickness consult your GP who might be able to give you some advice or recommend some medication that will help ease the nausea.

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