Corporate-Wear Essentials For The Office

January 15, 2015

Do you find yourself constantly looking for workwear even when you are not in the office?

Look smart and stylish by investing in timeless clothing pieces mixed with a few fashionable trends to spice-up each outfit. We show you just a few different pieces you need for a day at work, or even appropriate for an interview coming up.

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Silk shirt

A button down shirt is a wardrobe essential, purely because it can be worked into a variety of different outfits. Our first rule is to never buy online; you need to try on a few different shirts in person, and settle on a fit which flatters your body.


Try a sweater or button down cardigan for those chilly days in the office. These are more casual pieces which can be refined by choosing the right accessories. A statement necklace or belt are good options if you need to give your outfit a trendy twist.

Corporate-Wear Essentials For The Office

Cropped pants

Rather than wearing jeans in the office, choose a pair of smart, cropped pants instead. Not only are they flattering to every body type, but you can also experiment quite a bit with colour. Black, navy, grey, and even off-white pants are deemed appropriate with the correct footwear.


Ankle boots

If stiletto pumps or flats just aren’t your thing, choose a happy medium with a classic ankle boot. Stick to black just to be safe, and stay away from trendy hardware such as rose gold which can look a little tacky.


Fitted blazer

Any corporate look isn’t complete without a fitted blazer during the colder months of the year. Choose a collared blazer which suits your body type, and isn’t too oversized either. This shouldn’t mean that you’re stuck with just a black wardrobe; grey, white, navy, and other colours are also appropriate if the rest of your outfit is relatively toned down.


Pencil skirt

An essential is of course the black pencil skirt which most women wear every single day. Invest in a comfortable material which doesn’t crease easily (no linen or silk), and of course, flatters your body! Complete the outfit with nude pumps or a simple pair of ballet flats.

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