“Cougar Town” is a hit!

February 13, 2010

“Cougar Town” a hit

Finally, a great TV show has arrived that uses comedy to show the plight of older single women! “Cougar Town” starring Courtney Cox is a hilarious new comedy that aired on Thursday night on Channel 7.

If you missed it, then without sounding like Molly Meldrum you really should “do yourself a favour” and catch the first episode which is available on Yahoo 7 for a short time. Yes, I know watching TV on your PC is nowhere near as much fun as watching it curled up on the couch but this is worth it! It was the most watched show on Thursday night with 1.35 million tuning in.

The script is brilliantly written and Courtney Cox is surprisingly authentic showing real angst at being a 40-year-old freshly divorced mother of a teenage son. Her great comedic talent and timing, something we saw glimpses of in “Friends”, is on full display.

Other character include the hot guy across the road, played by Josh Hoskins, the hunky but dumb ex-husband, the best friend who lives next door and the kooky pal from work.

In the first show Courtney tackles sex as a single mum, botox, clubbing and the double standards people put on men and women who have sex with much younger partners. But don’t worry, this show is no “Brothers and Sisters” – guys will love it, too!

So catch up on “Cougar Town” now as rumour has it Sheryl Crow is making a guest appearance in upcoming episodes … the more cougars the better! Looks like Thursday nights have a place in my diary for the foreseeable future!

Saw the first episode? Tell us what you thought.

By Ruby Harris

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