Why Couples Dressing Is Actually The Worst

November 1, 2015

We know you’re in love. No need to match your outfits.

Couples can be annoying. Whether it’s PDA, the inability to do anything without their “other half”, or – the worst – couples dressing, sometimes I miss the times when most of my friends were single.

Have Britney and Justin not taught the entire world that couples dressing is a big mistake? In case you forgot about this iconic (and horrific) moment in the history of celebrity couples, just google “Britney Justin double denim” and there you have this year’s Halloween costume idea.

But let’s get back to the point. Being in love is a wonderful thing for you and your partner, but there really is no need to shove it down other people’s throats, which is basically what couples dressing is. By choosing matching outfits, the couple wants everyone to see that they are off the market and oh-so-happy together.

They also want to demonstrate their common interest for fashion and general like-mindedness, because apparently, being in a relationship means you have to become the same person as your partner. Two hearts, one soul, same outfits.

What these couples don’t realize is, they look really stupid in their matching chino pants and striped shirts. Why? Because it means you took time in the morning to plan each other’s outfits and thereby completely disregarded what you really felt like wearing and instead opted to not be an individual, but ‘that couple’.

Donald and Nancy Featherstone recently fessed up to NY Daily News, they’ve worn the exact same outfit every day.

Fashion can be an amazing tool to show who you are or who you want to be. Having a different style than your partner doesn’t make you less compatible or less loving. Quite the opposite actually; what you wear really shouldn’t matter in a serious relationship.

Of course this doesn’t mean couples who dress alike aren’t serious about each other, in fact, a cute couple from Massachusetts who have been wearing matching outfits every day since 1977 don’t want it any other way, recently telling NY Daily News they, “don’t dare go somewhere without having matching outfits.” That’s what I call dedication.

But as a rule of thumb, let’s just remember this: If you’re not Brad and Gwyn, circa 1997, aka: the only people in history to make coordinated ensembles look cool, stay away from matching outfits. I promise I won’t forget that you’re in a relationship.


Image via nydailynews.com

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