Couples training: lose weight together!

July 21, 2009

What’s the best motivator when it comes to getting fit for summer? Your man! Personal Trainer Erica French from Fit2Date,, shows you why.

Why you and your partner should get sweaty together:

• You are both doing something beneficial for your mind and body

• Training together helps you connect on a different level

• While you are training you will both release happy hormones, endorphins, which (should) make you both happier.

• Fitter people are more confident in their own skin

• Helping your partner keep fit means they will look better to you naked

• And best of all it will help increase both your sex drives…need we say more!

Do’s and Don’ts for training with your partner:


1. Wear an ipod – defeats the purpose of spending ‘quality’ time together

2. Be competitive with one another otherwise you will end up fighting

3. Never be just a few metres ahead of your partner – stick side by side

4. Don’t pick an activity that you know your partner will hate – they will not want to be there in the first place


1. Pick something that you are both average at so that you can learn together

2. Compliment your partner on how well they are doing (even if they are struggling)

3. Both of you need to encourage one another – it can’t come from just one person

4. If your partner needs more confidence in general choose something that they are good at so they can teach you – this will help lift their spirits

5. Bring up that tricky topic that you need to discuss as this is actually one of the best times to get their attention and work through the response

Training options for two:

Tandem Kayaking

Indoor Climbing

Dance Classes (loads of different ones for example at Sydney Dance Company)

Ice Skating

Sailing (guys love this)

Boxing Class

Pick a fun run to do and train at least once a week together

Do an adventure race together as part of a team


Options like City Chase

Do a team Triathlon where each person does the leg that they are strongest at

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