Courteney Cox pregnant

February 14, 2006

Courteney Cox pregnant

Friends star Courteney Cox is pregnant with her second child, according to US tabloid Life & Style. Apparently the 41-year-old is in her first trimester and is concerned that there might be problems down the line. Her husband David Arquette told an insider: ?We?re expecting a child, but she doesn?t need the pressure of everyone watching us. She?s not that far along, but she has it in her head that there might be problems. You can never tell until after three months. It?s scary enough as it is. I just wish it hadn?t gotten out.” Apparently close friend Jennifer Aniston is thrilled by the news, David saying: ?It?s really good for her psyche that this happened. And she?s a great support, telling Courteney not to worry too much.? Another friend confirms the pregnancy as well, saying ?She?s very concerned. Not that anything?s wrong ? but there are risks as you get older.? Courteney?s rep denies any pregnancy.

Madonna vs Mariah
The claws were out at the Grammy Awards last week. Apparently Mariah Carey is ticked off that Madonna was given the coveted opening performance, saying she ?really wanted to open the show with her choir-backed rendition of We Belong Together.” Even though Mariah?s career resurrection resulted in 8 Grammy Nominations, Madonna has more celebrity cred and put in a few demands of her own. She told Grammy producers that if she wasn?t given the spot she wanted, she wouldn?t turn up at all. According to the New York Daily News, the producers gave in because they thought her Confessions of a Dancefloor collaboration with the Gorillaz would be good for ratings. Apparently this isn?t the first time Madonna and Mariah have battled. According to one insider: “The war between Madonna and Mariah has been going on for years? Mariah was also steaming last summer when Madonna stole the show at Live 8.”

Tom’s gay investigation
Acclaimed biographer Andrew Morton is determined to find some dirt on Tom Cruise, and the Hollywood star isn?t happy. Tom is threatening to sue because Andrew has hired a gay porn star and a Los Angeles private investigator to shed some light on his private life. Their brief: to find evidence that the Top Gun star is gay. The porn star, Paul Baressi has reportedly already come up with letters from Tom?s attorney implying that he enjoyed a homosexual liaison while shooting Eyes Wide Shut. But Tom?s lawyer has denied the claims, saying: “I wrote a letter to Mr. Morton back in November and said he obviously was entitled to write the book but ‘make sure you check your facts’. If he tries to use my letter to create the impression that Mr. Cruise did have a gay affair, we will certainly sue… because the story is false. Mr. Cruise is not gay.” Andrew Morton is previously known for collaborating with Diana, Princess of Wales to write a biography of her life.

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