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Crazy Easter Manicures

Crazy Easter Manicures

Nail art is taking over and never more so than at Easter! Check out these incredible Easter manicures by beauty bloggers with tutorials on how to get the look – would you try Easter nail art?

Cosmetic Cupcake opts for a sweet chicken and bunny.

Mad Manis features a hatching chick and Easter egg decorations – why decorate eggs when you can decorate your nails?

Pretty Nail Swag has some amazing designs, including these stick-on bunnies!

Lifestyle for Blondes features gorgeous intricate Easter-themed nails with a detailed tutorial – get out those toothpicks!


Duckling To Swan has the steadiest hand I’ve ever seen! Her flawless nail art and tutorials make me want to get an Easter manicure pronto!

Or if all else fails, just paint your nails in pastel polishes, like A Little Obsessed.

Would you try an Easter manicure?

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