FDA Approves Injectable That Gets Rid Of Your Double Chin

April 13, 2016

Unsurprisingly, there’s a huge waiting list.

There’s no denying the fact the past few years have seen the chiselled jawline reign as the ultimate status symbol of beauty superiority, but it’s also proven one of the most difficult aesthetic feats to achieve without heavy duty levels of contouring.

Women of every size and shape have at some point raised an arm high over our heads to snap a comically aerial selfie in the hopes of hiding our dreaded double chins – a feature no amount of kale smoothies and yoga classes will erase.

The only option to remove that annoying superfluous fat pocket waiting to destroy our every photo op has been – until now – liposuction; an invasive and extremely costly procedure that not everyone’s even a candidate for (read: unless you are carrying serious extra weight around your neck and chin region the procedure is not likely to be suitable).

But a newly FDA approved injectable known as Kybella, is about to change all of that. The treatment has proven highly effective for all types of double chins thanks to its hero ingredient, deoxycholic acid, an enzyme that our bodies already produce to break down fat cells.

“Companies often promise things will work but then when they get to the FDA trials, the results don’t prove to be very effective. In this case, the trials were unanimous,” said MD and dermatologist, Robert Anolik, who worked on the clinical trials for the injectable.

“Within four treatments, more than half of the patients in the trials had a very dramatic visible change.”

Patient, Adra Fenstermaker, 36, after a series of Kybella treatments.
Patient, Adra Fenstermaker, 36, after a series of Kybella treatments.

Multiple injections are given during a session and treatments are typically spaced at least one month apart. Kybella reportedly produces noticeable results within just two sessions, however, additional treatments may be needed depending on how much fat is present in the chin area.

The fat-melting injectable drug created by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals Inc., was approved by the FDA in April last year and is now available for use by dermatologists and plastic surgeons who have completed training in its use.

“I’ve never seen a demand like this, except for Botox,” the drug’s lead researcher, Derek Jones, told the Hollywood Reporter.

“We have a waiting list of people who have been calling for months.”

The treatment is ideal for anyone who is unhappy with fullness under their chin.

“Double chins aren’t always caused by weight. Sometimes it’s genetic or happens as you age, and this treatment significantly reduces the fat in that area permanently. And even if you gain weight again in the future, you won’t ever see the weight in your chin, because those fat cells have been broken down,” Anolik explained.

Kybella injection costs vary, depending on where you get them done, how many treatments you require and how much fat you’re looking to get rid of, but typically range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

The rest of the world may have to keep their chins up for now though, as Kybella is currently not approved for use outside the US.

Images via consumers.mykybella.com.

Comment: Do you have a double chin? Does it bother you, or have you learned to embrace it?

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