Ditch New Year Resolution & Create A Happy Year- (Contd)

November 1, 2000


Now look at what you keep doing in those areas. Take yourself out of the equation and distinguish what actions you keep doing and why everything stays the same.For example, this may be something like listening to your mum prattle on and hoping one day she will see the light. Hope is exactly that, HOPE. In this example it may mean you have to say NO to the stories and in being truthful she may then get an insight into her behaviour and change. She also may not but hey, you won’t have to listen to it anymore, which means you’ll have lots more energy to put into other areas of your life. Think of all the time you spend whinging to friends about how annoying she is. That energy could be used in a more constructive manner to add value to your life.


Now look at what you can do to create a new reality. List at least 30 things you would like to do/be in 2001. How can you do these or be this? Next to each one write down how this could happen but doing it differently

For example:

Get a dog Go to the pound, start dog walking in the evenings.

Lose 5 kg’s Say no to diets and create a healthy eating plan, don’t exercise if you hate it. Start slowly doing something you love.

Save $25,000 See a wealth coach, go to investment seminars, open a savings account, pay all your debts.

Keep a clean home Get a cleaning lady; write out an easy daily schedule so it isn’t a weekly burden.


Make it easy. Focus on what you are good at and do these things first. Say no as often as you can and make yourself your number one priority. Get clear on what you want your life to look like, clear out all the crap and set up a plan of attack. Remember WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY and by doing things differently we are increasing the possibility that our life will start to look how we want it to look.

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