How To Create An Online Store

February 8, 2015
How To Create An Online Store

Online stores are some of the easiest ways to sell import goods, homemade trinkets, or even get rid of a few extra items around the house.

Rather than selling on websites such as eBay which take a percentage of the sale price, there are a few other platforms on which to sell your products and keep the entire profit.

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1. Find a niche

In order to be successful at selling your products, find out what you actually want to sell. This could be anything such as handmade crafts, wholesale goods, or even vintage clothes which people love to buy. While you’re still in the initial stages of the business, have a look at what your competitors are doing, and take all the positives and negatives into consideration for when you finally decide to launch your site.

2. Keep up appearances

Long before launching your online store, set-up suitable social media profiles where you can create some hype. This should be about 3-6 months before actually launching your site, so you can build up an audience which will then know about your site. Some of the most important profiles include, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube (if you want to show your products in action), and Pinterest for inspirational purposes.

3. Design your site

You might want to use the services of a graphic designer for this stage if you’re unfamiliar with layouts and encoding (it can get a bit tricky!). Make the website is easy to navigate, and in a way which it can show the product on both desktop and mobile devices. Websites such as Tictail allow you to sell up to 30 products before paying a premium fee to sell as many as you want – without taking any of your profits.

4. Secure purchases

To avoid fraudulent purchases or identity theft, make sure you choose a safe e-commerce platform. Hackers always try to break into software which isn’t well protected, and you could be in a lot of legal trouble if a customer notices any fraudulent charges on their credit card. Ensure that you have a PayPal function so customers can buy from your website without feeling worried about giving away their information.

5. Advertisements

If you’re selling clothes or beauty items, choose advertisements to make a little more revenue on the side. Many affiliate programs are free to join, and have a number of suitable merchants which will provide you with banners for your website. If someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase of over $50, then you receive a percentage of this price.

Those are just some of the basics if you’re looking to create an online store! Rather than launching the site and waiting for the customers to roll in, do your research and advertise on other similar markets.

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