Creative Cocktails

October 27, 2004

Creative Cocktails

Slow Screw Up Against the Wall
You may have see Kath ordering this drink on the hit ABC show Kath and Kim last week?
1 part Sloe Gin
1 part Vodka
1 part Southern Comfort
1 part Galliano
Splash of Orange Juice
Shake & Pour in large glass. Garnish with an orange slice and cherry

This refreshing, popular drink is perfect to make as a reasonably inexpensive punch for summer.
1 large Bottle of Dry Red or White Wine
1 Tbs. Sugar
1 Orange, Lemon & Lime
1 bottle soda water
Optional additions are; 28g. Brandy, 28g Triple Sec, Pineapple slices or Maraschino cherries
Thinly slice fruits. Combine with Wine & sugar & options. Refrigerate overnight. Mix with soda water just before serving.

The next few cocktails contain a base of Alchemy Cordials ? a range of gourmet cordials that are all natural and triple strength. The varieties are ?Ole? (orange and lemon), Mambo (mango), Dewdrops (melon lime and bitters), Hula (pineapple and coconut), Love (rose petal and lime), Heat (chilli) and Stars (sarsaparilla). For more information, check out

American Beauty
This is a less sweet alternative to a chick drink that is easy to prepare and is plain yummy!
2 parts gin, vodka or Bacardi
1 part love
5 parts soda/mineral water
Lots of ice
Just throw the liquid, ice and mint into a blender or cocktail shaker and give a good mix, then serve in a glass garnished with rose petals.

Hula Colada
Now the weather is heating up, make this drink for lying by the pool or a hot summer party!
2 parts Bacardi
1 part Hula
5 parts soda/mineral water
Pineapple leaves for garnish
Just throw the liquid, ice and mint into a blender or cocktail shaker and give a good mix, then garnish with leaves and a cocktail umbrella!

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