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4 Creatively Sexy Ideas Using Handcuffs

4 Creatively Sexy Ideas Using Handcuffs

sex with handcuffs

If you have a pair of handcuffs and looking to spice up your sex life, we have 4 creative & sexy ideas for sex with handcuffs! They are fast becoming a default sex toy for couples. The issue with such widespread use is that couples have probably role played them to death in the bedroom.

There are only so many times you can be cuffed to a bed post before it gets a little stale. Coming up with something new and exciting might be a bit tricky. Maybe that’s why bondage and sales of bondage toys are on the rise? (Hmmm… that’s another conversation.) Anyway, assuming the bedroom has probably been fully explored, lets consider the rest of the house and see if we can come up with something new for you.

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Look but don’t touch

Now the bathroom usually has a towel rack or something similar. So do kitchens. Handcuff both hands together and tease your partner while you take a seductive shower, do a strip tease or masturbate in front of him. Being cuffed to the wall will ensure they look, but don’t touch. This one will drive him absolutely crazy because men are so visual. When you’re ready, un-cuff him and let him join in.

Behind the door

Some doors have coat racks or something similar attached to hang items. Why not make that item your partner! Put both hands in cuffs and slide the center links over the door. Depending on their height it might be a bit of a stretch, so women can be hoisted up onto their partner, arms in the air, and he can take control. It can be done either facing toward or away from the door. The door behind you will provide resistance and some support. Alternately use the door nob if the hanger is just too high. It won’t have the same effect but it will provide another experience.

If you want to try the hanger, you can get portable versions which are held in place when the door shuts. If you want to add to the excitement, why not hook one over the front door and hope someone comes knocking.


If you have stairs and a pair of handcuffs you’re in luck, providing they reach around the area you’re being cuffed to. Get your man to cuff you to the stairs while you kneel on the steps. If they aren’t carpeted, improvise so you don’t end up with scuffed knees. One hand will need to be free for you to balance. When he’s ready, he can enter from behind. If you wear a skirt or dress without underwear, he won’t be able to resist for long, particularly if you tease him!

Sex in the shower/bath/spa

Some handcuffs have been made with suction cups especially for use in water or resistance against most porous surfaces including tile, glass, cars and even wood. They resist any pulling or struggling and can be placed around the wrist or ankles.

If you want to give these a try, get your partner to position you exactly where they want you or vice-versa. The suction actually makes it safer to have sex in the shower, bath or spa, plus gives you both something a little extra to hold onto. As they can be used on many different surfaces, why not try attaching to the fridge or maybe the washing machine while it’s vibrating. Get creative and don’t forget car bonnets, widows, doors and anything else you discover works.

Lastly, don’t forget the portability of the humble handcuff. If you want to take these outside or even out in public (providing you don’t get caught!) it will give you another experience. Don’t just limit sex with handcuffs to the bedroom, explore and get creative!

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