Creative Spring Flower Ideas

September 30, 2010

Creative Spring Flower Ideas

Spring is here at last. It’s time to embrace the sunshine and introduce some colour into your home with fresh, fragrant spring flowers. Or maybe you’re looking for some unique ideas for wedding flowers? Here’s some top tips on the types of flowers that are in season and creative ways of using them!

Which flowers?
Make sure to use flowers that are readily available in spring – these are always the cheapest to buy and are usually locally grown. The beauty of these flowers is that they are all wonderfully perfumed and are easy to arrange.

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are one of the most popular spring flowers and have the most exquisite, delicate scent. These flowers look sensational in a posy style arrangement. Match the Sweet Peas with Babies Breath (Gypsophila) or another whimsical plant material and make a small posy. The posy can be
wrapped in cellophane, this can then be used as a water source for the flowers.

Place the finished posy standing upright in the centre of a square of cellophane around 40cmx40cm, bring each corner of the cellophane up to create the container. Tie a ribbon just below where the flowers finish on the stem. Add a little water and then place on a table – no vase needed. Simple to create and oh so elegant! The perfect way to impress guests.

Don’t forget the bathroom at your wedding! Women love to touch up their makeup (and gossip!) throughout the reception and a vase of Sweet Peas, with a ribbon tied around, are a personalised touch that guests will remember.


Jonquils “Earlicheer” look amazing when arranged in a number of small narrow vases throughout a room. This gives impact through repetition. Jonquils are highly scented and can be placed where there is an air flow sending the incredible fragrance wafting throughout the house.

If you’re considering a beach or outdoor wedding, the pretty yellow and white shades of jonquils look gorgeous against ocean blues or garden greens.


Stocks have extremely long, strong stems and look incredible in high vases. They are readily available in spring and are beautifully fragrant. They have the most brilliant colours and the most spectacular white. These are the ideal flowers for brightening up a dining room. Be sure to take all of the leaves off below the water line, most importantly give each flower plenty of room as they tend to rot when touching each other.

A great and simple way to arrange them is in a long narrow vase with the flowers all standing in a line. The line could be straight, curved or slanting. Use a hint of floral foam to help keep the flowers in position.

Hunter Valley Gardens spans over 60 acres and comprises ten stunning feature gardens. From October 11th to November 14th the Gardens will host Rose Spectacular, a stunning display over 2 million spring roses! It’s the perfect opportunity to pick up some hints on how to brighten up your home this Spring. For further details on Hunter Valley Gardens visit

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