From Cruffins to Pieburgers: The Hybrid Food Trend

April 26, 2015
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Ever heard of a piffle? A croissanwich? No, I am not making these words up, they’re culinary hybrids: a pizza-waffle and a croissant-sandwich. That doesn’t sound appealing to you? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other two-in-one foods out there that you might want to try.

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In fact, hybrid foods are a real trend which seems to have started with the humble Cronut. In 2013, Dominique Ansel invented the round croissant that’s fried and glazed like a donut, and sent New Yorkers into a must-have-a-cronut-frenzy which involved people lining up at his Soho bakery at 6am – two hours before opening time – to get their hands on one of the 100 Cronuts made every day.

Two years later and the hybrid food craze has reached a new level. There is the wonut (waffle-donut), the quesarito (quesadilla-burrito), the duffin (doughnut-muffin), the cruffin (croissant-muffin) and the clobster (crab-lobster cake), just to name a few.

Sure, it’s nice to have two foods in one – you will never have to make that hard doughnut-or-muffin-decision ever again – but whether the food mashups taste better is a question everybody has to answer for themselves.

In the end, it’s all about marketing and money. In a world where Instagram-ing your food is much more important to a lot of people than actually eating it, foods that look particularly pretty or have a novelty factor are automatically in demand. Creating trendy food is therefore a very cheap and easy way for cafes, restaurants and big brands alike to get publicity and new customers.

However, only food hybrids that are actually tasty will stand the test of time. So, while everybody will probably have forgotten about pieburgers soon, Dominique Ansel still has people lined up for his cronuts every morning, even two years after their birth. Good job, Dominique!

 Image via modernmidwest.com

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