Cruising 101

December 15, 2011

Wouldn’t you love to be on a cruise right now? How about the South Pacific, the Mediterranean…or maybe Alaska? Whether you’re a cruising novice or a seasoned sailor, here’s our guide to cruising 101.

1. Want to seem like you’re totally at home? Use the correct nautical terminology. Most importantly, the ship is called a ship (not a boat!)

2. Don’t stress about getting seasick – modern cruise ships have state-of-the-art stabilisers. If you are worried, book a cabin in the middle of the ship to get the least movement.

3. Bring the perfect sarong or caftan to take you from your cabin to the pool – clothes must be worn inside the ship and this way you can move about the ship comfortably and stylishly.

4. Make hair and beauty appointments soon after you board – services, particularly massages, often book out.

5. Just because you’re in port it doesn’t mean you have to leave the ship. With fewer people onboard, there will be no crowds and the ability to choose whichever banana chair you like by the pool.

6. Cruise ships aren’t packed with old people. Yes, a lot of seniors cruise, however you’ll find that a lot of young people cruise with friends and a lot of families cruise as well. A good rule is that the longer and more expensive the cruise, the older the average passenger.

7. Cruise ships aren’t packed with party people either. Major cruise lines pride themselves on providing something for everyone. This means that while there is a nightclub, you’ll also find a million quiet nooks to read your novel.

8. Make sure you relax and have fun!

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Win a holiday to Bali
Win a holiday to Bali