Curl and styling treatments

April 19, 2005

Curl and styling treatments

Curling products
1. KMS Curl Up Control Creme
The aim is for it to define & enhance existing curls and control frizz. It’s a thick and creamy formula and is very concentrated so don’t need to use much. Yummy mango and vanilla fragrance and it did enhance curls quite well, but not sure how well it controlled frizz.
2. KMS Curl Up Curling Balm
This is the favourite out of the three as it was easier to use. It was more like a gel and claims that it “instantly intensifies and creates curls” which is it did quite well. Scrunch it in to curls to rejeuvenate and “pump up perms”. Not only that but it adds shine and contains magnesium and quinoa which strengthens your hair.
3. KMS Curl Up Curl Gloss
This is good in theory, but isn’t particularly user friendly as the spray/mister pump cap doesn’t spray very well. It wasn’t a fine spray as is usually expected, but was instead chunky and was hard to spray in the right direction. It’s probably best as a finishing spray at the end of styling as it’s aimed to finishe and soften unruly curls while adding shine.

1. Remington Wet2Straight ? Slim
SheSaid have long been a fan of the Remington Wet2Straight. And why not: a hair care product that not only saves time in the morning but makes your hair look better than your usual routine! Well they?ve brought out a new product in the range ? Wet2Straight Slim ? designed for short to medium, fine hair.
RRP $133.95
2. Fudge One Shot
Apply to wet hair after you have washed and this Fudge 1 shot makes your hair easier to comb and style. This product is great if you have fine, coloured or permed hair as it is a professional hairdresser strength product that instantly helps reconstruct damaged hair. Comes in a small yet handy size pump bottle so can be easily thrown in your bag for weekends away or on holidays and it smells great too!
RRP $18.95 Stockists: 1800 764 437
3. KMS Hair Stay Quick Finish Spray
This product is great if you have hard to manage hair, or you really want your hair to stay in place once you have sprayed it. Not for the faint hearted this spray doesn?t mess around, once it?s on your hair that hair isn?t moving for love nor money! Well suited to windy days or when you want to ensure your ?do? doesn?t fall down mid way through a big day at the races or your bun come undone on the dance floor!
RRP $20.95 Stockists: 1800 506 060
4. Goldwell Funky Honey ? Unbreakable hold factor 10
Smells good, looks fantastic… but when put to the ultimate hold test (7 inch Mohawk, straight up) it couldn?t hold. When tried on shorter hair the results were fantastic, holding firm in a normal style all night. Very fluid, perhaps the drying time was the problem here. Still, very good as long as you are not looking for extreme hair.
RRP $17.50 Stockists 1800 50 60 60
5. Goldwell Super Ego Hair Gum hold factor 8
Defines curls, lifts hair, great for the bed-head look. The matt effects make for great effects in the daylight, even more so at night. With a hold factor of 8, you could even restyle halfway though the day. Curls become tighter, straight hair fuller. Great stuff.
RRP $17.50 Stockists: 1800 50 60 60

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