Should I Cut My Hair Short? This Genius Hack Will Tell You!

July 1, 2019

For the gal who’s always asking “should I cut my hair?” 

I want to cut my hair the second a minor inconvenience pops up.

I’m stuck in a vicious cycle of wanting long luscious locks but craving the liberation of a dramatic haircut. And let’s not forget the dreaded breakdown bangs. In fact, at least once a week I find myself talking a stressed-out girlfriend out of a drastic haircut.

It turns out there’s a reason behind the urge to do the big chop during or after traumatic events. Dr. Laura Berman explains:

“When you feel poorly, it is natural to make changes to your external body in the hopes that it will make you feel better internally as well,”

There are a number of reasons you might consider doing a but chop. Maybe you’re on the brink of a Britney ’07 meltdown, or maybe it’s just time for a makeover.  If you’re asking ‘should I cut my hair’ – This little hack is a MUST before you make the chop.

cut my hair

The 2.25-inch rule

Alright, ladies! Grab yourself a pencil and a ruler and we’ll get down to business

Hold the rule verticle to your ear and place the pencil horizontally beneath your chin. Note the measurement where these two points meet.

Is the number less than 2.25 inches? You’re good to chop, chop, chop.

If it’s above%

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