Damien Rice was never with Renee

June 28, 2005

Damien Rice was never with Renee

Renee was just friends with Damien
Renee was just friends with Damien
Damien Rice denies he ever had a romance with Ren?e Zellweger. “We… we hung out, that’s all,” insists Rice. “People would see us hanging out and immediately think – well, you know.? Damien says he?s thrilled that she has met the love of her life with new husband Kenny Chesney. ?She’s really very nice indeed, Ren?e, so intelligent, so sharp and sorted out. I learned a lot from her, and we became very close and sweet new friends. I’m so happy for her now. And I’m glad I met her. She’s a lovely woman.” Aw

Oasis dream of ridicule
Wow, how mature. Liam Gallagher of Oasis wishes he could be playing at this weekend?s Live 8 concert so he can humiliate Robbie Williams. He told Canada?s Chart magazine that if they didn?t have a concert in England this weekend, he?d be there for certain. ?Y’know why I’d love to do that gig? First of all, it’s f…ing awareness and all that stuff. I just love to go on and do four f…ing songs and really f…ing rip it up. Come in and f…ing bang it with f…king four of your classics. And walk off. And f…ing flick Robbie Williams in the eye and say: “Follow that you dick!”? Liam and his brother have a long standing feud with Robbie, dating back to the 2000 Brit Awards. Robbie invited Liam to fight in a boxing match, then a few years later further taunted him by asking him whether Oasis wanted to fill a support act. They obviously weren?t amused.

More on Oasis ? Mary-Kate Olsen was seen coming out of Oasis? dressing room looking a little worse for wear. She was reportedly so inebriated, she had to be carried out of the dressing room after the British rockers played at New York City?s Madison Square Garden. Her representative, however, denies the claims. “Whatever the implication is, it’s ridiculous. She was just hanging out with the band. Nothing went on whatsoever.”… Kate Moss and Pete Doherty had a mock wedding ceremony on the weekend of Glastonbury’s Chapel of Love and Loathing in Lost Vagueness. According to the UK Sunday Mirror, the marriage was only valid in the grounds of the festival and the wedding was merely ?a hilarious? joke to pass the time between Pete?s Babyshambles performance and a VIP Diesel party.

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