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Dannii Minogue’s Beauty Must-Haves

Dannii Minogue’s Beauty Must-Haves

Doesn’t Dannii Minogue always look immaculate? Luckily she’s sharing all her beauty and fashion secrets in her latest book, My Style, including her desert island beauty must-haves.


Everybody’s skincare routine is different – the trick is finding what suits you. My friend Tabs isn’t massively into wearing make-up and lots of beauty products, but she’s absolutely pedantic about moisturising day and night. I’m more obsessed about cleansing and cleaning my skin because I have to wear so much make-up at work. I like nothing more than slapping on a face pack and slipping into a hot bath.

My desert island must-haves:

Lip Balm

I’m constantly battling against dry lips so I’ve tried all sorts of lip balms. Lanolips is one I use a lot, it’s cruelty-free, 100% natural and nourishing. It’s great if you can find natural products that work. Simon Cowell’s make-up artist recommended Shizen Lip Hydrating Serum, and I love it. You just put a few drops on your lips and let it soak in. It smells lovely and is also good for dry cuticles. Tabs swears by her By Terry Rose Balm. She loves anything that contains rose on her skin because it’s so gentle and refreshing.

Sun Protection

A little bit of sun on the skin is good for you, helping to boost vitamin D, but I try to stick to times when the sun is at its most gentle and cover up with hats, sunglasses, a big parasol and clothing in intense midday heat. Getting sunburned is really ageing so it’s only sensible to cover up.

Fake Tan

It’s critical to protect your skin, but there’s no denying a glow can help lift your mood, especially in the transition from winter to spring. Mentally it gives me a pick-up and makes me feel better if I’m not staring at my pale, pasty face in a mirror. My UK hair and make-up artist Christian says Jemma Kidd Show Stopper Year Round Body Glow is the ‘best glowing skin product ever, in the whole world’ for bronzed glossy pins, so it must be good! Tan towels are a mess-free, fuss-free way to apply fake tan and, if you’re travelling, they’re individually wrapped, keeping your luggage light and removing the risk of tan-soaked clothing from leaky or broken bottles. ModelCo Tan Mousse is a yummy colour that really makes you look like you’ve been on holiday.

Eye Make-Up

The day can’t begin until I’ve done my eye make-up so, if I was in a shipwreck, I’d definitely save an eyebrow pencil, eyelash curler and my amazing ModelCo Fibre Lash mascara. The rest could go into the water, but I can’t do without those. I like a thick, angled brow shape – Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn are my eyebrow icons. I use my eyebrows when I express myself. All the Minogues do, and it’s only a matter of time before Ethan learns too.

My Style by Dannii Minogue, published by Simon and Schuster. RRP $37.99. Out now.

What’s your desert island beauty must-have?

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