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Dating health check quiz

Dating health check quiz

Dating health check quiz

a) SMS yourself, say it?s an urgent message and leave?
b) Ignore them the whole evening and talk to someone else?
c) Make polite conversation but continuously look around the room?
d) Make them feel they?re the most interesting person in the room?

2) When there?s a lull in the conversation with your date, do you:
a) Laugh nervously and look around the room?
b) Talk about the weather?
c) Talk about the latest book you?re reading?
d) Talk about your ex-lovers?

3) If your date offers you a mint, do you:
a) Accept it ? they might be trying to tell you something?
b) Refuse it ? you can tell they don?t really want to share?
c) Get offended ? a polite person would have ignored your bad breath?
d) Blush ? you thought they hadn?t noticed?

4) When the bill comes for your meal, do you:
a) Smile, you?ve already discussed who will pay for what?
b) Smile and pay graciously without saying anything about the cost?
c) Gulp and rush off to the restroom hoping they pay while you?re gone?
d) Study it closely, say ?yep? and then ask your date to pay?

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