David Beckham Demands Answers Over Escort Scandal

September 28, 2010

David Beckham Demands Answers Over Escort Scandal

David Beckham is demanding answers from the magazine that published claims he’s been sleeping with a Bosnian escort.

Beckham is furious and wants to know why a US magazine has published a “tissue of lies” about him, saying the claims made by prostitute Irma Nici are completely unfounded.

His lawyers will be delivering a letter to In Touch magazine’s German publishers which demands to know why they published the story after “repeatedly” being told the claims were false.

Beckham’s lawyers claim there is absolutely no evidence to support the former war refugee’s story, part of which includes alleged telephone records and a diary detailing their affair.

Bizarrely, Nici’s management are in turn claiming Beckham’s outrage over the magazine story is simply a “publicity stunt”!

Image: Daily Mail

Beckham, who admitted having an affair with personal assistant Rebecca Loos in 2004, has been photographed looking tired and bewildered this week while wife Victoria was seen also looking stressed and exhausted while watching her hubbie play for his team LA Galaxy. The magazine is yet to respond.

What do you think? Will David Beckham continue to be the target of false allegations or should Victoria be suspicious of him following his previous affair?

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