Day-to-Night Makeup Tips

February 18, 2014

If you’re rushing from day to night with evening work events, catch-up drinks with friends or date night with your man, you want to to update your makeup without lugging your entire makeup kit with you. Follow our makeup tips and product recommendations to transition your makeup from coffee to cocktails.

Perfect your skin
Does your skin get oily as the day goes on? Oil builds up on the surface of the skin, causing that perfect, even finish  you had in the morning to disappear by sunset. Blotting papers are your new best friend, restoring a matte complexion. Also check for smeared makeup around the eyes (carry a few cotton buds in your handbag to wipe away traces of raccoon eyes), and touch up any dark circles or blemishes with concealer if necessary.

Pucker up
Your lipstick wore off after that first latte, so touch up with a tinted lip balm throughout the day. When you’re ready to head out at night, top your lips with a brighter shade – it will really refresh your entire face. Look for multipurpose lip and cheek tints to save you carrying another lipstick in your handbag.

Evening eyes
Make your eyes pop at night by enhancing your day eye makeup. Simply use your favourite eyeliner to create a subtle smoky eye by lining the upper and lower lash line and smudge. If you wear mascara during the day, avoid adding another coat at night, as it will clump over the old, dry mascara.

Radiant evening skin
By the end of a long day, your face is usually flush with blood pumping through your body, but you can add dimension to your cheekbones with a swipe of bronzer or a dot of colour on the apples of the cheeks. Again, look for multipurpose lip and cheek tints, which often appear bright in the pot but apply sheer, so you can build up colour.

What are your favourite day-to-night makeup products?

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