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June 18, 2003

Thalgo Aroma Relax

You don?t need to leave the house to give yourself an hour of divine pampering. Make the most of the great indoors this winter with our guide to the at home day spa experience. Dim the lights, light the candles and chill?First, choose your time wisely. Make sure you?ll have at least one and a half hours uninterrupted. There?s nothing worse than the sound of an unanswered phone to break the spell of the spa, so make sure your mobile and land line and quiet.

Prepare the space. Most pampering will take place in the bathroom, so set the mood by

Thalgo Rebalancing Mask

lighting some candles.Run a bath and make it comfortably hot, you want to relax, not scald yourself! Add a few drops of Thalgo Aroma Relax bath and body oil ($69.50) from the Thalgo Aromatics body range. Essential oils of Lavender, Magnolia, Romaine Chamomile and Bitter Orange will calm stress and whisk you into a world of well being.

Next, disrobe and give yourself total body scrub using Thalgo Descomask Body Exfoliating Scrub ($40.00). You can use this treatment on wet or dry skin. The gentle but effective exfoliants get to work eliminating dry skin from problem areas elbows and knees,

Thalgo Intensive Nutrition Cream

but it?s also gentle enough to use on your d?colletage too!Cleanse your face and apply a layer of Thalgo Rebalancing Mask ($43.50) to help fight oiliness, and impurities in the skin. And as a treat for your eyes, apply couple of Thalgo Youthful Look Patch Masks ($62.50 for a box of ten) to your under eye area. Top tip: keep them in the fridge for an extra lift! These fantastic new treatments are actually cloth-like eye patches saturated with Lifiline to tighten, Marine amino-acids to repair and Marine MPS to hydrate the eye area.

Now step into your heavenly scented

Thalgo Bust Shaping Serum

bath, immerse yourself and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Clear your mind of all thoughts and concerns. Starting at the top with your face, relax each and every muscle working your way down your body and to your toes. Don?t forget to breathe! When you?re ready, use a wash cloth and a gentle circular motion to remove any remaining body scrub.Out of the bath, dry off lightly with a soft plush towel and apply a liberal slathering of Thalgo Intensive Nutrition Cream for the body ($85.50). This super-hydrating treat is the perfect antidote to our harsh climate. It?s a godsend for sun-ravaged summer skin and also comes to the rescue of tired, neglected winter skin.

Now focusing on your d?colletage, apply a thin layer of Thalgo Bust Shaping Serum ($57.00), which is especially designed to tone and firm tissue, shape the bust and lighten the d?colletage area. Peach tree extract comes to the rescue lightens age and sunspots too.

Complete your pampering session by enjoying a cup of herbal or fruit tea and savoring the silence. Ease yourself back into the real world slowly, and don?t forget to make time for yourself every week!

To find a Thalgo stockist in your area call 02 9477 6900.

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