How to Declutter Your Life? (cont.)

December 1, 2000


Acknowledging what we do not like helps us develop a game plan to make positive changes. So what exactly needs changing? Get clear on what will make a difference to your day and make a priority list. Then create a time frame for when you can achieve this. This may take up to 6 months so don’t rush things. Ultimately the plan is to de-clutter your life so you can create more room for fun.JUST DO IT

This may mean you need to spend some time on your own for a while so you can focus on getting your life looking the way you’d like it. Make a date in your diary to clean up your act. Your ultimate aim is to clear away all the things that drain your energy and create as many energy boosters as possible. People and situations that drain your energy leave you feeling tired, frustrated and annoyed. An energy booster is the opposite. This occurs when you encounter people and situations that enliven you, you come away from them feeling refreshed and optimistic. These experiences are what you want more of in your life.


Creating the space “to be” is our next step. In an ideal world we would all have at least 1 hour a day to reflect but the fast pace of modern life rarely allows it. You have to make a conscious effort to find this important time for yourself. Book it in, that way you are making yourself a priority (for once!) and giving yourself some time to just be and reflect on all the stuff that is going on in your life. You can choose to just sit somewhere quiet and not do anything. This really calms your mind and can help you discover a new perspective on the challenges of the day.


Once you begin clearing out the clutter in your life you’ll find that there’s some room for fun, at last. The first step is to identify what makes you smile. What do you like doing? We all have things we love to do yet end up finding numerous excuses to not do them. List 20 things you love and mark a time to do them in your diary. Call friends and enrol them in your game plan. Start initiating activities, start a new hobby and start living the life you want to live.

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