How To Deal With Hyperpigmentation

April 2, 2015
How To Deal With Hyperpigmentation

Does your skin ever get those annoying dark spots which don’t seem to go away, even with makeup?

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The odds are, that your skin is probably suffering from some type of hyperpigmentation which is actually most common for women in their early thirties, due to skin damage and other sun related spots. If you’ve seen your dermatologist but to no avail, try these tips to manage your hyperpigmentation rather than aggravate it over time

Face mapping

The act of face mapping is an age-old practice which determines that certain breakouts across the face are deeper connected with the body. Rather than giving your skin a topical cream for the outside, you will also be placed on a routine which will cleanse your body from the inside – where it counts.

DIY Scrub

A homemade scrub derived from natural ingredients is one of the easiest and most effective ways to treat your skin. Turmeric, lemon, and banana are all natural ingredients which help to detoxify the skin and work on all skin types to unblock pores.

Change your diet

Who knew that high concentrations of dark spots could be linked to a bad diet? In order to help your skin shine from the inside out, it’s important to keep a healthy, balanced diet. Remember to drink lots of water to keep hydrated and increase your intake of antioxidants.


Depending on your skin type, it’s important to lightly exfoliate about once a week to remove any dead or dry skin cells. Smog, humidity, and even pollution in the air can all lead to blocked pores and gently exfoliating (even with a facial scrub) is the best way to detox your skin.

Au naturale

If you’ve grown increasingly dependant on wearing makeup and applying too much skincare on a daily basis, then this could also be your downfall. Allow the skin to regenerate itself and breathe by letting its natural oils shine through whenever you’re just relaxing at home. In time, it will find its own rhythm, and you will find that all those serums, scrubs and cleansers won’t be required as much.

In terms of makeup, use a lighter foundation such as a skin perfecter or BB cream which will enhance your features, not conceal them completely. They are typically lighter on the skin and feature a solid amount of SPF to protect against the suns harmful rays.

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