How To Deal With The Post-Holiday Blues

September 22, 2015
How To Deal With The Post-Holiday Blues

Whether you’re returning from an extensive trip abroad or simply lamenting about a short trip interstate, there’s no denying that the post-holiday blues are a serious part about returning home.

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Maybe it’s adjusting to your old schedule that makes the transition tough, but don’t let it get you down! We share a few of our own tips to settle back into your ‘normal’ life, and find a happy medium between your trip and co-existing back home.

Don’t deny these new changes

Especially if you’re taking a trip in your early twenties, it can be most difficult to adjust back into your everyday routine at home. Work, friendships, studying and relationships are all factors that will change as your perceptions of the world have been widened.

Take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone in your feelings! Everyone who has ever travelled goes through these feelings and you can learn to embrace them into your daily life.

Go through your photos and videos…within reason

One of the best parts of going on a trip (other than the memories), is definitely the pictures and videos you accumulated along the way. Make sure to keep them in a safe place (and make extra copies) so they don’t get lost on your phone on laptop in a digital detox.

Going through travel pictures is a great way to reflect on your trip and even get you prepared for the next one! If you’re on the crafty side, why not compile a scrapbook or collage of your travels? It’s a fantastic way to commemorate your travels and keep them as a constant reminder in the house. A music playlist or laying out your souvenirs are also great ideas!

Stay present

Many of us can get caught in the vicious cycle of sitting at home and remembering better days spent in another country. It’s important to get out there and enjoy the life you’re living now! Stay in the present and find new bars, restaurants and cafes in your current city – it’s always great to explore and stumble upon new things.

Jump on Instagram and see what’s opened up while you’ve been away – it’s so quick and easy, especially if you’re strapped for time.

Take care of your body

Odds are you treated yourself to pizza, gelato and pasta (well, we certainly did) on your time abroad. Instead of beating yourself up over those extra kilograms, make some healthy changes in your life.

Grab a friend and try a dance class, yoga, or something you’ve always wanted to do. It will definitely keep you healthy and feeling positive.

Start thinking about your next destination

Whether it’s six months or one year from now, start thinking about your next travel destination. This way, you will have something positive to look forward to and can begin the planning all over again!

What are some of your tips to beat the post-holiday blues?

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